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Pushing Head On Using Digital Printing

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 31, 2019
Country Press Digital Printing in Boston, MA

Due to improving technology, digital printing has extended its marketability to various fields comprising brochures, flyers and others. Of course it continues to be an affordable approach to book publishing. There are some things to take into account that will help simplify the process of digital printing into simple easy steps. Each feature is designed to deliver greater value, output quality, and workflow flexibility.

In outlining the design, it is important to first conceptualize and envision what you want to achieve with your book layout. This information will be the basis of the whole process. It will be easier to address the print marketing. The artwork will continuously follow. You will specifically provide a substantive content like pictures and other brand with colors, illustrative material and font size. Completing the data information on the context of the outline will facilitate more smooth process.

It is a general rule that digital print should never risk committing any mistakes whether it will be in grammar, addresses, dates, photos, etc. Such proofreading is a must in the process. Check the artwork as many times as possible before sending it for printing. It has to be strictly reviewed and checked before finalizing the book. Moreover, it is a plus factor to have a smart design that speaks volume about your book. There is nothing matters than publishing a book with an elegant and sleek design cover to encourage audience to buy a copy.

Bear in mind that before printing the digital design it has to be saved in print ready format. It is a secured move in order to avoid any unexpected problem in the printing. Once the preventive measures are accurately followed and implemented, the process of digital printing will be made much easier and more effective. Push head on using digital printing in Boston, MA!

For more tips on digital printing, contact Country Press Printing.

Inspiring Visions of Art Book Using Digital Printing

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 25, 2019
Country Press Printing - Digital printing in Boston, MA

Have you ever seen an art book so simple yet so beautiful? Digital printing is a perfect way to compile and distribute a consolidated presentation of your art works. With modern digital printing technology, artists are armed with new tools for expression.

Digital printing now offers artists new ways to create and sell art. Digitally printed art book is fast increasing in popularity and turning into a shopping craze. Many photographers and fine artists embrace digital printing of their images to convey an expression or published an art book as an additional way to market their work at reasonable prices.

In order to publish an art book it depends on the level of quality you choose and the number of copies to be produced. The cost will normally cover editing, cover design, formatting, and other services. It is impressive to show and compile all your mind-boggling sketches and photos in a gallery-quality book ready for retail shelf sales. Digital printing process accurately reproduces vivid colors down to the smallest detail. There are different varieties of binding and paper choices to choose from. Trust your art, with digital printing your book will be successful in its publication every step of the way.

Our purpose is to deliver the maximum value of your dollar worth. We offer standard materials, processes, and patterns that have been tried and tested by the most discriminating customers. And if you wish to actually sell your art book, pick and choose which services to spend your money on, but you are assured that particular things like a strong cover design are perfectly crucial to book sales.

Our approach assumes that your goal is to create a beautiful, successful art book with the help of our printing capabilities. Each book is uniquely designed. There are some digital printing equipment that produces an entire book, color cover and everything in a short time. To produce a book of lasting value is a wonderful journey.

For more tips on digital printing, contact Country Press Printing.

Digital Publishing Made Easy

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 18, 2019
Country Press Printing in Boston, MA

The Country Press’ digital printing services delivers professional, reliable, and on-time printing services across New England. For decades we’ve worked closely with clients to ensure them the best digital printing services at the best value pricing. We manage this blog as a service to both our clients and the general public alike so that the publishing public can be best informed when making digital printing decisions.

Digital printing is growing in popularity given the print-on-demand capability that dominates today’s publisher’s needs. Large and small publishers alike are changing their backlist books to digital printing. This leads to the elimination of warehousing and shipping-related costs. It’s simply the most cost efficient means of production.

It is also very convenient since digital printing has the system to direct whether there are sufficient stocks or to produce print copies as per order. With this, the book is not available in physical form until it is confirmed order. This is commonly used by self-publishing companies as a cost-effective way to produce a book.

Since digital printing does not require a book warehouse, it exclude expenses related with warehousing, book of accounts, staff costs and book sales. It is practical to print the exact number of books avoiding spare copies. Digital printing gets real strength and comfort to reproduce a top quality, perfect format, finished book. The content of the book will be available in easy format. It is advisable to create a low-cost production whereby a product will be sold easily in the end.

Moreover, digital printing has lesser steps in printing process and less people involved. It offers a quicker response time due to its short printing press setup. As a result the final product is delivered fast. For companies who use digital print they have the opportunity to modify their message to their audience. It is saving both time and money. They create what they want, when to release it and who they will share it with. It is perfect for print planning and distribution.

Other digital companies do not have limits as such due to its flexibility in the printing press, they provide the freedom for the publishers to save and get the exact amount that they need. It is working hand in hand in helping one another in the success of their publication.

For more tips on digital printing in Boston, MA, contact Country Press Printing.

Choosing The Successful Cookbook Printing Services

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 17, 2019

You are about to embark on a most exciting enterprise of your life, publishing your cookbook! You will soon learn that writing a cookbook is truly a fun, exciting and challenging project. Soon you must decide how to publish it. You’ll need to ask yourself some questions. What is your style? What is your genre? There is nothing like seeing your work in print for the very first time. Below are the following styles which you will decide on what your next masterpiece will look and create your unique book today.

  • Book cover styles. We offer both hardcover and softcover book options. There is a 24-page count minimum for our hard case bindings. Hardcover books can also be covered with a dust jacket, a removable paper cover used to protect a book from dirt or damage.
  • Standard Trim Sizes. Deciding which trim size will best suit your book can be confusing, especially given all the industry-standard but completely unhelpful trim size names, like US Trade and Digest. We have put together our genre recommendations, based on industry standards, to help you choose a trim size that makes it clear to the reader what they are buying.
  • Custom Book Binding Options. Whether you want a flexible perfect bound paperback or a sturdy hardcover, we offer the book binding options that give your book the look and feel you want.
  • Book Cover Finishes. Grab your reader's attention with a professionally designed book cover finished with a soft matte or polished gloss.
  • Interior text paper stock options. Your pages should look as good as the words written on them. The art of choosing the right paper stock is tricky, but it will ultimately define the feel and quality of your book, depending on your budget and production time. Uncoated paper stock has a rough, natural feel to it and is recommended for more traditional books without imagery. Coated paper stock reflects more light and has a slicker feel. It is a popular choice for photography, art, comic and children’s books.

In order to avoid wasting a great deal of time, back-tracking and scrambling to sell all those books, you must create the perfect combination with customizable binding styles, paper stocks and sizes, and quantities that will make your cookbook truly yours.

For more tips on Cookbook printing and binding, contact Country Press Printing.


Bound Galleys Are Great In Every Way

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Country Press Printing, Boston, MA

One of the most common questions that authors have is what will their print proofs look like? Today let’s discuss if bound galleys are right for you. Since a bound galley is the pre-publication version of your upcoming published book, the appearance will be that of a printed, perfect bound book. The cover of the bound galley is generally not the cover of the book to be published, but the bound galley cover contains information useful to marketing the book to reviewers, bookstore distributors and buyers. Comments from these reviewers are frequently printed on the back of the production (i.e. Bookstore) version of the book printed after the review stage.

A printed galley looks just like a book with a cover and book binding, except there is usually a notice on the front cover that reads "Uncorrected Bound Galleys. Not For Sale." Most galleys are printing while your book is with the proofreader, so they are expected to have a few errors. Take note that bound galley may contain handwritten editorial marks. It may be missing photographs, illustrations, charts, and even text that will, however, eventually appear in the final finished edition.

These are often not the same size the published book will be. The size of a bound galley is based on printing economics. Usually they are 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" and frequently are 6" x 9". Other formatted bound galleys such as oblong bindings or odd sizes are available and are used. Bound galleys are printed on specially designed printing presses. The physical appearance of the bound galley is distinctive, and reviewers can readily distinguish a bound galley from a finished book.

It is certainly our experience that readers pay attention to books that have been endorsed by people who are famous and those highly respected personalities. As such preparing bound galleys is really an advantage.

For more tips on bound galleys, contact Country Press Printing.


Fast and Affordable Cookbook Printing

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, August 17, 2019
Country Press Cookbook Printing in Boston, MA

So you’ve decided to publish your recipes to public? Now comes the question, how to do it? Look no further for your publication solution than The Country Press’ cookbook printing service in Boston, MA. We will help you produce bookshop-quality cookbook with high-resolution images and text prints.

Cookbook printing enables those who want to publish their special recipes into a professional-looking recipe book. Whether it is for sale or just a personal copy that you want to pass on to your family, digital printing will help you produce presentable cookbooks at a competitive price. Customized cookbook printing allows authors to style and layout their own cookbook from internal pages to cover. They have the leverage to add colorful and high-resolution images and graphics to make it more interesting to read.

If you are looking for a reliable printing service that are expert in making elegant cookbooks, contact Country Press Printing. Our service includes formatting, printing, binding services, and other cookbook printing needs. No matter how large the quantity you need, you will have your cookbooks completed and delivered on time.

Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books for Low-Cost Production Versions

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 25, 2019
The Country Press Inc. - Perfect Bound Books, Boston, MA

Since soft cover books are more affordable than the hard bound version, many authors produce both hard and soft bound copies to provide their readers with options. If you need perfect bound books with soft covers, The Country Press is your trusted bound book printer.

If you have a published work that contains high-volume interior pages, soft cover perfect bound books are the ideal binding method. Interior pages are securely fastened in the spine using a strong stick glue. It is a high quality adhesive that is not easy to brittle and can keep books intact even when widely opened. These books are soft covered, they look neat and professional. They are perfect for displaying whether stockpiling method or arranged on shelves.

Perfect bound book printing presents an economical solution for authors who wants to put their published work in the market at the lowest production cost possible. Contact The Country Press to know other binding options that best suit your requirement.

Country Press Printing for Faster, Perfect Bound Book Projects

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 11, 2019
Country Press digital printing in Boston, MA

If you are an author and you need your books as soon as possible and want to skip the long production queue, then choose the Country Press, we can be your partner in producing high quality perfect bound books.

We have been providing solutions for authors who require speedy perfect bound book printing. We have the skill, experience and equipment to promptly deliver high quality finished book projects. Ordering with us is easy, just fill out the quote form so you can have your pricing estimate immediately. Then, simply upload the file from your computer. We will review and process your files right away.

Within 24 hours, your free hard copy sample will be sent to you. In the case of minor edits, we can help make the corrections. Then, in just six business days, your perfectly printed and bound books will be on your doorstep.

Contact the Country Press Printing for perfect bound books produced instantly.

Happy Holidays from The Country Press, Inc.

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, December 22, 2018
Happy Holidays from Country Press Printing

Our warmest Holiday wishes from the entire team here at The Country Press, Inc. Calendar year 2018 was, and continues to be, a truly remarkable year and we take this moment to recognize the joy that each and every one of you has brought to our personal and professional lives. We exist because of your faith and trust in us.

As calendar year 2019 approaches, we reflect upon the foundational recognition that "your success is our success". Our New Year’s wish for 2019 is to nurture our positive and ever strengthening partnership and to deliver ever increasing value to you, your business, and your family through the entirety of 2019.

Throughout this Holiday season may you be blessed with health and surrounded by friends and family. All the best! Cheers!

Print on Demand Books to Fulfill Orders with Perfect Bound Books

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 16, 2018
Country Press digital printing in Boston, MA

Perfect bound books through print-on-demand is made possible with digital printing. If you have books that needed to be printed in response, print on demand is the perfect solution. No matter how many books are ordered, with print on demand authors and publishers can print the exact number needed for distribution, no matter the quantity and they will be perfectly bound. Through digital printing print as many books as are needed with and make it profitable with print on demand. For new authors, budget is almost always an issue. Print on demand is the perfect option for authors who have tight cash flow but want perfect bound books.

At the Country Press, book are kept in a digital database. This is beneficial for publishers because they don’t have to keep books in inventory and this eliminates the waste of publishing books that may not be sold. Print on demand is also perfect for self-publishers who are interested in publishing their books more efficiently.

If you need quick turnaround or a book proof, print on demand is the perfect choice for book printing. With digital printing, we can print your book, hold it in our warehouse, and ship it later when you need it. When demand for books grow, short run book printing services is the right option for book printing.

For more information on Print on Demand contact Country Press.

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