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Ultra-Fast Printing With Bound Galleys

Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 11, 2019
Country Press Printing, Boston, MA

Publishers employ the use of bound galleys to produce ultra-fast finished products most often associated with advanced copy production. They are used to rapidly deliver advance copies to reviewers, bookstore distributors, and buyers alike. It is intended to support editor’s review processes. With bound galleys, editors can review and comments with handwritten notes. Many editors simply prefer to work with a physical copy in hands.

Skilled artists produce bound galleys and advance readers copies for book publishers in five to seven business days lead time. Bound galleys are for editing and proofreading purposes. The ultrafast production means your new book are in the hands of readers and reviewers faster thereby creating buzz for the release of the final book. It is significantly important because it is the tangible document to make corrections and editing. The manuscript ordinarily with wide enough margins will be edited several times and on the side margins the editors will write their comments or corrections.

Bound galleys in Boston, MA comparing to other printing services, focus more on speed, proficiency, quality, and input. Clients will receive bound galleys of superior quality. There are printers who produce clean, printed in high-resolution pages on white or natural paper stock. Normally they add the word “Uncorrected Page Proof” to show that it is still subject for review and comment.

It is at this stage that editors, proofreaders, and the author themselves will preview the book for final approval and allow for comments, feedback and opinion. Once approved and verified that all details are accurate and no error then production is made for the final copy.

For most reviewers, they require some lead time to see the book before publication. Since advanced readers, copies are sent to reviewers, and booksellers, they need to be finally edited and corrected. It allows the author and editors the opportunity to figure out what the book will look like once it has been reviewed, corrected and completed.

For more tips on bound galleys, contact Country Press Printing Inc.

Bound Galleys Are Great In Every Way

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Country Press Printing, Boston, MA

One of the most common questions that authors have is what will their print proofs look like? Today let’s discuss if bound galleys are right for you. Since a bound galley is the pre-publication version of your upcoming published book, the appearance will be that of a printed, perfect bound book. The cover of the bound galley is generally not the cover of the book to be published, but the bound galley cover contains information useful to marketing the book to reviewers, bookstore distributors and buyers. Comments from these reviewers are frequently printed on the back of the production (i.e. Bookstore) version of the book printed after the review stage.

A printed galley looks just like a book with a cover and book binding, except there is usually a notice on the front cover that reads "Uncorrected Bound Galleys. Not For Sale." Most galleys are printing while your book is with the proofreader, so they are expected to have a few errors. Take note that bound galley may contain handwritten editorial marks. It may be missing photographs, illustrations, charts, and even text that will, however, eventually appear in the final finished edition.

These are often not the same size the published book will be. The size of a bound galley is based on printing economics. Usually they are 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" and frequently are 6" x 9". Other formatted bound galleys such as oblong bindings or odd sizes are available and are used. Bound galleys are printed on specially designed printing presses. The physical appearance of the bound galley is distinctive, and reviewers can readily distinguish a bound galley from a finished book.

It is certainly our experience that readers pay attention to books that have been endorsed by people who are famous and those highly respected personalities. As such preparing bound galleys is really an advantage.

For more tips on bound galleys, contact Country Press Printing.


Cost-Effectively Gain Book Reviews Via Bound Galleys

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 11, 2019
Country Press Short Run Book Printing in Boston, MA

Book readers pay attention to the reviews printed on the covers of a book. Authors know that it is important to solicit reviews from prominent individuals within the industry. We can assist to that end via high quality bound galleys produced via our state-of-the-art digital printers.

Advance copies of books, commonly known as bound galleys is a well-known and profitable publishing strategy. Books that are positively critically critiqued simply drive more sales. Our bound galleys that we produce here in Newton, MA allow authors to conveniently and cost-effectively gain good feedback from influential book experts. They advance copies need to be as high quality as the final product. And we deliver that for you.

Authors send professionally produced bound galleys to book clubs, reviewers, distributors, as well as notable personalities who deliver great influence upon readers. Delivering them high quality bound galleys will communicate that you give great importance to their reading experience and feedback. This is a critical prerequisite to the ultimate success of your work. With the help of digital book printing, producing and reproducing bound galleys is a convenient and cost-effective process.

To find out more about digital book printing and bound galleys, contact the Country Press, Inc.

Bound Galleys Promote Publishing Success

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 29, 2019
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

Prior to any book debut, its smart first to seek comments and feedback from known book critics or editors. This is especially true when you are new to the industry. Sending top quality bound galleys for review will greatly aid your book launching success.

Impressing book critics and earning their positive reviews is key to attract more readers of your piece. Their comments and promotions can be placed in the backside of the book cover. People searching for a good read usually look for these reviews. It's often a determinant whether the book is ultimately purchased. So if you want to gain more praises of your book from known critics then send out bound galleys with high-resolution prints.

The Country Press Inc., is your first choice when you need quality bound galleys in Boston, MA. We are printing expert and we will help you make your advanced copies more available, captivating and interesting to read. With our help, garnering great remarks from renowned book critics is a realizable goal.

Contact The Country Press Inc., for your next bound galley printing needs.

Impress Book Critics with Premium Bound Galleys

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 15, 2019
Country Press bound galleys in Newton, MA

If you want to increase the chance of your novel’s literary success, seek feedback from renowned editors and book critics. Their reviews and comments will help you entice more readers and make your book the talk of the town.

Sending your advanced readers with high quality bound galleys is a sure fire way to earn positive feedback. Bound galleys are final draft copies of your book. These are closest thing to the published version. If you want to get good impression from these people, it is critical to present them a nicely bound book copies with high text and image resolution. In return, these people will help you market your book to the public. You can even place their positive comments in the final book cover to persuade more readers to purchase and read your work.

With Country Press bound galleys (produced here in Boston, MA) can help you produce it fast without compensating quality. Through digital printing method, you can create and present decent initial books for reviews. Contact The Country Press, Inc. to find out more about our book galley printing.

Impress Reviewers, Proofreaders, and Editors with High Quality Bound Galleys

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 04, 2019
Country Press bound galleys in Newton, MA

Bound galleys serve as a printed copy of the author's final draft to be sent to prominent proofreaders and bloggers for review. This is done right before the final publication of the book. These versions function as copies for evaluation and initial promotion.

Prior to final publishing, books normally undergo a series of reviews. Content at this phase is presented in the form of bound galleys which is a bound printed copy of the book. In order to garner positive feedback from book critics, bloggers and reviewers, authors must provide presentable and professional copies. Positive feedback will help promote the book once it is on the market.

Bound galleys in Newton, MA are the perfect simulation of your book's final output. Premium quality finished products are the only way to impress and please renowned editors and book reviewers. Digital printing services can help you achieve high quality finished copies of the book. Contact Country Press, Inc. for top quality bound galleys.

Generate Positive Book Reviews with Premium Quality Bound Galleys

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 14, 2018
Country Press bound galleys in Boston, MA

Are you marketing a new book in 2019? Before doing so, it is always a good idea for authors to seek comments and reviews from book critics prior to final book printing. When new books earn positive feedback from advanced readers, the book is more likely to sell better.

Bound galleys are printed copies of your work that is sent to book bloggers, reviewers, and critics. Presentable, high-quality copies should be sent to advanced readers if you want to more positive feedback from them. When you can impress your chosen advanced readers by sending them high quality prints and nicely bound copies, you are more likely to garner positive affirmation. You can even add or print their comments and reviews in your final book to entice more readers.

Bound galleys in Boston, MA use digital printing to ensure fast and high quality copies. More presentable and professional-looking books are produced with this technology. For impressive bound galleys, contact The Country Press, Inc.

Top Quality Bound Galleys Earn Better Book Reviews

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 30, 2018
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

Authors, particularly those new to the industry, need positive reviews from book critics, reviewers and bloggers prior to releasing their book in the market. This is in fact a smart move for all authors. Feedback and reviews give authors and publishers a better idea of the marketability of the book to the public. Bound galleys are used to send to known book reviewers and bloggers in order to generate positive feedback.

Bound galleys in Boston, MA are printed with high quality and great resolution for a positive impression from these advanced readers. It is also critical that these copies are perfectly bound for a professional presentation. Authors must aim to gain positive feedback from the select individuals to determine the saleability of the book and to promote these reviews when marketing. Readers are often interested in books with good reviews or those that are endorsed by public figures or other genre authors.

For this reason, bound galleys must be professionally and properly produced. Therefore, it is advisable for writers to choose digital printing method so they can send presentable copies with clear printing and quality bound books to their chosen advanced readers. With digital printing, content tweaks and edits are easily done so that the final book output can be released to the public as soon as possible.

Contact Country Press Inc. for high quality bound galleys.

Digital Printing Service Produce High Quality Bound Galleys

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 14, 2018
Country Press bound galleys in Newton, MA

Prior to books being sent to market, authors will often seek out advice and comments from book critics, bloggers and reviewers. In order to do this, authors need to send out pre-release copies in the form of bound galley. These versions are an unedited version of the book but it still needs to be high-quality and close to the final version. This is important for making a good impression on critics and and reviewers in order to garner positive feedback.

Bound Galleys in Boston, MA are produced as high quality pre-release versions of the final book. They are printed at high-resolution, the same quality as the final copies. The goal is to present the book with clear and legible content to give readers an exceptional reading experience. In return, the reviewsers give honest feedback. The goal is for great reviews that can be used to help market and sell the book when it hits the shelves.

Digital book printing services offer premium quality bound galley printing. It offers a fast and economical way of producing the best quality advanced copies of your book. It also delivers the same high-quality text and illustrations as the final book on every page.

For affordable digital book printing services in Boston, contact Country Press Printing, Inc.

High Quality Bound Galleys for Better Book Reviews

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 03, 2018
Country Press bound galleys in Newton, MA

Digital printing presents convenience and cost-effectiveness when printing self-published books and bound galleys. Digital printing offers precision, speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality; traditional printing can deliver some of this, but not all. With digital printing, authors can now venture into book publishing without worrying about financial risks.

Through digital printing, high quality bound galleys can be presented to book critics, bloggers, and reviewers. In fact, because of the quality, these pre-release copies can often become collector's items that are completely durable over-time. Digital printing can produce high resolution prints that are easily legible, quality bound, and with durable paper stock. This makes the reading experience more enjoyable and engaging. And when you provide a good read to book critics, there's a greater chance for your work to gain praises and great reviews.

Bound galleys in Boston, MAcan help generate reviews from reviewers, bloggers and and other authors. These reviews help promote book sales which is why bound galleys need to make great first impressions.

To for impressive bound galleys, contact Country Press Printing, Inc.

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