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Print On Demand – Cost Efficient and Time Wise

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 08, 2019
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

Freelance writers can now test the marketability of their new works prior to producing bulk copies. Print on demand services enable independent authors to print small quantities of books so they can get a rough estimate of the marketability and eliminate over the top expenses associated with book publishing. Now they can slash storage cost and excessive charges on unsold copies from their list of expenses.

With The Country Press’ print on demand service here in Newton, MA, authors from all walks of life can have a chance to prove themselves and make a place in the publishing world. Even those with limited budgets can still publish their books and print copies for market testing. When the sale forecasting shows a favorable market trend, that's the time they can order their bulk production. Indeed, the print on demand approach presents a better management of your finances.

Print on demand method is made possible by digital book printing. It cancels out many unnecessary expenses while producing high quality copies. Aside from that, you can get your hands on your produce and start making business right away.

Contact The Country Press, Inc. to find out more print on demand.

Print on Demand for Economical Market Testing

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 25, 2018
Country Press Digital Printing in Boston, MA

Mass printing can drain your funds. If you're an author on a tight budget and would like to print fewer copies of your book in order to test the market or for selling at specific events, print on demand is the best option. This solution eliminates unnecessary expenses for storage or for unsold books. Furthermore, for those who are still marketing their books, print on demand offers faster turnaround.

Print on demand in Boston, MA allows self-publishers to print their work in smaller batches for testing the market, smaller sales, or for filling specific quotas. The POD service provides leverage for independent publishers and authors without worrying about the financial burden for larger print runs and unsold copies. Having this option available offers self-publishers the chance to cost-effectively market their books with small quantities.

With digital book printing independent authors will have high quality books in just a short time. When the first round of copies have been sold, the next batch of books can be ready in no time. Contact Country Press, Inc. for high quality print on demand services.

Reasons Why Print on Demand is Attractive for Aspiring Authors and Self-Publishers

Joseph Coupal - Friday, April 20, 2018
Country Press Digital printing in Boston, MA

Technology has developed to the point where books can be printed in smaller quantities in a short period of time. In the past, it would take traditional printers several weeks to months to do a print run based on work load and the quantity ordered. But today digital technology has become an excellent and faster alternative to this long wait time. Print on demand is the printing technology in which new copies of books or other materials can be printed almost as soon as the order is received.

There are several reasons why print on demand in Newton, MA is attractive for aspiring authors and self-publishers. This option allows you to print copies of books in a relatively short time-frame. But this is not the only benefit to print on demand publishing. Many publishers have found that it is also a more economical method because you can print a lesser quantity to reduce storage space useage and the need to tie up capital in unsold books. Therefore, the cost of storage, handling, and inventory are reduced. In traditional printing a larger number of books has to be printed to make it worthwhile for publishers. Also, the technical set-up for print on demand is quicker and easier than offset or traditional printing. Formatting the material takes minutes, when using traditional printing this is not the case.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars in an untested book, you can test the waters first to see if your book will sell. Also, you don’t need to have a large amount of capital to get started with publishing because with print on demand you’re only printing copies base on demand. With the help of digital book printing, print on demand services can achieve high quality printing without high upfront expenses for plate creation and the hassle of time-consuming print setup.

To find out more about print on demand book printing, contact the Country Press, Inc.

Print on Demand is the Most Cost-Efficient Option for Authors on a Tight Budget

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 09, 2018
Country Press digital printing in Boston, MA

Print on demand has become more popular, especially for independent authors and small business owners who need a small number of books based on demand. This enables authors to eliminate storage costs for warehousing large volumes of printed items and to cut out the extra costs of having stored extensive inventory of unsold books. For this reason, print on demand is an excellent option for those who are on a tight budget because they only need to pay for the number of books needed and not for mass printing orders.

Print on demand in Newton, MA allows independent authors to test the market by allowing them to print the next batch of books immediately after the first round of books are sold. Above all, self-published authors find print on demand service to be the most economical option because they are not required to print and produce large quantities of books. With print on demand, authors don’t have to gamble their savings in the hope that their book will be a best seller.

Thanks to digital technology, high quality printing can now be achieved without the hassle of time-consuming print set-up. With digital book printing, there’s no need to prepare printing plates. This allows authors to have their books in their hands faster than when printed using traditional methods.

To find out more about print on demand book printing, contact Country Press, Inc.

Print on Demand Services Help Prevent the Risk of Getting Stuck with Unsold Books

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 09, 2018
Country Press bound galleys in Boston, MA

The advent of print on demand has been a significant boon for the publishing world. As the digital age has measurably affected publishing, print on demand has been beneficial for traditional publishers as well as for those who self-publish. With the emergence of digital printing, print on demand has become a more convenient and economical way to produce books.

Print on demand in Newton, MA provides significant benefits for self-publishing, especially in scenarios where the budget is an issue. POD allows you to print and publish books in a smaller quantity. So instead of having to print a large quantity of books using traditional offset printing, authors can print the right quantity of books on demand. This helps eliminate having stacks of unsold books and prevents the cost of printing those unnecessary books. Although the cost per unit is higher, the upfront costs of printing and shipping are significantly reduced as are the storage costs. Print on demand also allows authors to update and edit future copies easily and instantly.

With print on demand, self-published authors have an attainable printing and publishing option without producing unnecessary surplus or breaking the bank. Print on demand also has faster turn-around time so producing a book quickly is not a problem.

For more information on maximizing your investment using print on demand, contact Country Press, Inc..

Print On Demand Services Help Academic Writers Reach Their Audience

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Country Press Print-on-demand services in News Port, VA

Print-on-demand services in News Port, VA, sprung out from digital printing technologies adapted by publishers as means to provide cost-effective solutions to authors who don’t have enough resources in publishing their works. Instead of printing stockpiles of books to be stored in warehouses, copies are made only when there is a valid order. The method allows printing of small quantities unlike the traditional method which requires a certain quantity profitable enough to cover high set-up costs.

The academic sector is one area in which the print on demand method is very applicable. This is due to the size of the reading population targeted for publication. In contrast to the general reading public, there is little market demand in the academe. The academic demand may come from a small network of scholars and students sharing research and study articles.

The main publishing center responsible for publishing these scholarly works are the university presses. Most university presses are non-profit and are largely sponsored by their university through subsidies and endowments. A lot of universities have stringent budget cuts. Therefore it is imperative for university presses to minimize loss or at least achieve break-evens in order to sustain economically while maintaining academic excellence. This can only be done by keeping the number of printed output close to the actual demand. With this, the print-on-demand (POD) is indeed the best option for publishing academic work. For more details about Print on demand services, contact Country Press Printing.

Print on Demand (POD) Services for Convenient and Cost-Effective Book Printing

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 03, 2017
Country Press digital printing in Boston, MA

Authors have book printing options for printing smaller runs with print on demand (POD) services. Because this option allows for smaller printing runs, authors no longer have to go over budget when they need to stock the shelves. These POD services allow authors to conveniently and cost-effectively reprint copies that can be used to replenish inventory.

Digital printing allows authors to maximize their resources and minimize related risks by making this option very helpful for those independent authors who are just starting their career and do not have the luxury of funds to start with for initial capital. With this set-up, authors are less likely to have surplus books on hand which eliminates storage fees. This keeps all costs related to book printing at a minimum.

Digital printing in Boston, MA has helped many authors realize their dreams. In fact, even publishers have enjoyed the flexibility to effectively address the fluctuating demands of book printing. With digital printing paving the way to success for authors and publishers, book shelves are replenished as soon as possible, with high caliber copies.

To find out more about the advantages that print on demand services, contact the Country Press, Inc.

Print on Demand (POD) Replenishes Inventory with High Caliber Copies

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 06, 2017
Country Press Digital printing in Boston, MA

Gone are the days when authors need larger print runs in order to save on expenses and run the risk of having surplus or unsold books. Fortunately, authors can decide to print smaller runs to test the waters without breaking the bank with print on demand (POD) services. These same services allow for reprinting copies to replenish inventory.

POD services give independent authors and interested publishers an option that maximizes their resources and minimizes related risks. They can decide to publish their works on their own terms without spending large amounts of initial capital. Because there is little to no surplus, there are lesser storage costs as well.

POD services are just one of the advantages of digital printing. Since its inception, interested authors and publishers have enjoyed flexibility to effectively address the fluctuating demands for their books in the market. Shelves will be replenished as soon as possible, with high caliber copies.

To find out more about print on demand services for authors and publishers, contact the Country Press, Inc.

Print on Demand (POD) Services Maximize Resources and Minimize Risks

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 08, 2017
Country Press digital printing in Boston, MA

In years past, authors could only consider large print runs in order to save on book printing expenses. But today, authors can print and reprint small numbers of books through print on demand (POD) services in order to address a particular need without spending too much.

The advanced technology used in digital printing has made printing on demand more beneficial. POD services allows authors to be flexible with the fluctuating demands of their book printing needs. Book shelves can be replenished faster as compared to printing books using the more traditional printing means.

By choosing print on demand in Boston, MA, independent authors and interested publishers can maximize resources and minimize risks. Even with smaller budgets, independent authors can push through with their plans of publishing their work on their own terms. Because they can choose the amount of final copies to be printed, authors can test the waters before printing a large amount of books. Without surplus, authors do not have to pay large printing fees or storage costs.

To find out more about print on demand services for interested authors, contact Country Press, Inc.

Print on Demand (POD) Service and Its Benefits

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 25, 2017
Country Press digital printing in Newton, MA

Because of the many benefits that print on demand or POD services bring to independent authors and traditional publishers, it has grown in popularity in the digital book printing industry. When a cost-effective solution is needed, POD is an ideal option to consider over off-set printing.

Nowadays, authors and publishers can print on demand in Boston, MA. POD is an optimal solution to various printing needs such as replenishing inventory, a limited budget, when demand is fluctuating, when storage is at premium, and when quality is a concern.

The streamlined digital book printing process makes POD such a great service. Authors and publishers alike can choose to print small runs and reprint based on the demand. The books will be printed quickly without jeopardizing quality, unlike in offset printing where the last few pages or the last few copies can have blurry content. With POD, every page of every book printed is guaranteed colorful illustrations and clear text.

To find out more about the other benefits of print on demand services, contact Country Press, Inc.

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