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Digital Printing Makes Printing and Reprinting Cost-Effective and Efficient - Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Because of its use of high-speed and web-based digital presses, digital printing in Newton, MA is now more preferred than its traditional counterparts. These digital presses eliminate the inconvenience brought forth from plates, storage, and wastage linked to the use of off-set printing presses.

Digital printing results in premium quality and perfectly bound books and other printed materials. Printing and reprinting book copies have never been this cost-effective and efficient. Also, because of this modern mode of printing, color inserts can be conveniently placed throughout the publications. Plus, a smooth and stylish finish to your document and other print requirements can now be achieved with digital printing.

Improvements in technology have caused the decrease of the cost incurred for short run books and print on demand services using digital printing, offering both precision and variety in each process. Finding the best price for printing books and ensuring that you have them printed using a quality printer that specializes in book production are equally important if you want to make the most out of your options in digital printing. 

With a lot of options for custom printing, binding, and finishing all made possible by digital printing, you are guaranteed excellent output on your next printing job. Choose The Country Press, Inc. to get the best printed product on time without going beyond your budget.

Short Run Book Printing Benefits – Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Short run book printing, while it will never replace traditional offset printing, certainly has it’s place with authors and publishers today. Offset printing will always be the option of choice for bulk book printing, but short run books have many benefits.

Advantages and Benefits of short run printing:

Save on printing cost

Short run printing is less expensive for a few reasons. There is no creating of plates and there are no films, so money is saved there. With short run printing, the files go from computer to the printing machine.

Only print the number of books you need

Short run printing allows you to order only the number of books you need, which makes the overall price less than bulk printing. While bulk books are less expensive per book, short run book printing lets your print fewer books, so the overall prices is far less. This also means that you will only have the amount of books you need, no waste, no need for extra storage space.

Faster turnaround

Short run books are printed faster than traditionally printed books. This saves time for delivery. This way there is less lead time from when you place your order and the time it takes for you to be able to fulfill your own customers’ orders.

More book publishing options

Book publishers and authors benefits the most from short run book printing. On a limited budget, self-published or new authors can print professional books on a limited budget. Publishers no longer need to store large amounts of back copies, books can be printed when they are needed.

For more information on short run book printing, contact the Country Press.

Short Run Printing Answers an Important Question – Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 31, 2013

"How many books should we print?” This is one question that may not ever get the right answer, no matter how much you try. Authors and publishers have struggled with this question for years, and more often than not, still print too many or too few books. No matter the type book, it is very challenging to estimate how many to print. Enter, short run book printing.

Additionally, with the tightening of the wallets, both for self-publishers and for publishing companies, it is more important than ever to NOT overspend on printing. Short run book printing is the solution for those watching their budget or for those with a limited budget. Why? Because with short run printing you can print only as many books as you need or want, from 11-5000.

Short run book printing is publishing books in limited number. When you need more books, have them printed. Short run printing has become very popular with authors and the publishers and has given self-published authors the ability to print their books.

Here are some advantages of short run printing:

  • Short run printing reduces a loss from printing too many books.
  • Short run printing reduces the overall cost of printing because you can print what you need.
  • Print what you need.
  • Short run printing is faster than traditional offset printing.
  • Short run printing is a 'green printing' because waste is reduced.
  • Short run printing is digital printing so books can be customized if necessary..
  • It encourages authors to self-publish.

For more information on short run printing contact The Country Press.

Short Run Book Printers for A Smaller Distribution Channel

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 18, 2013

If you are an author, self-published author, or a publishing house that needs a book with faster turn- around than traditional printing can offer, choose short run book printing. For advance copies, or for a smaller amount of books to fulfill order obligations, book signings, book fairs, or to use as giveaways, short run book printing is your best option.

Commercial printers or publishers make their money on printing large quantities of books. But rarely can a new author or self-published author afford such a commitment. Short run books gives you the option of printing a smaller number of books at one time. Printing smaller quantities may cause the books to be more expensive per book, but with short run printing, you can print anywhere from 11 to 5000 copies. This makes short run printing very economical.  

Today, there are more self-published authors than ever before. Therefore, more authors and trades people are interested in short run book printing for promoting their books.  In fact, for many, the option of short run book printing often means the difference between printing or not printing your book. Short run book printers are the solution for those with a smaller distribution channel.

For more information, contact The County Press.

The Many Benefits of Short Run Book Printing

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All publishers and authors occasionally run into budgeting problems or time constraints. Are you a self published author with no extra capital for publishing a large quantity of books. Maybe as a result of the slower economy you cannot afford a lot of money for over-the-top book marketing. Whatever the reason, short run book printing can help with a tight budget.  How?

Marketing your new book
Marketing is essential for reaching readers and getting  your book known. But marketing can be expensive. You don’t need 1000’s of books. Bulk book printing would not be useful. Short run printing can allow you to maximize your marketing dollars while printing only the amount of books  you need, anywhere from 11 to 5000!

Short run printing allows you to print only the amount of books you need. Though the price per book may be higher, your expense will be less because you can print a smaller amount of books..

Get your books faster
With short run book printing you will also get your books faster. Short runs allow you to get the books you need right away.

Greener option
Every book you don’t use is money thrown away. With short run printing you get only the books you need and want. Save money by only printing the books you need, when you need them.

For more information on short run printing, contact The Country Press.

Why Choose Short Run Book Printing

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It isn’t an easy question to answer. How many books should you print? Now there is an answer to this question which has plagued authors and publishers for decades. The answer is short run book printing. Short run printing is minimal risk and allows you to assess the market.

As the name “short run book printing” suggests, this is the way authors can publish a limited number of books. How you will determine the exact number of books to print will vary depending on a few factors such as your budget, the amount you can store and your upcoming events.

Short run printing gives you the ability to control your budget and allows you ease of editing your book if you find that any errors were missed originally. Short runs also take less time, because they allow you to print on demand. When your book is well received, you can print more.

For more information on short run book printing, contact The Country Press.

More Entrepreneurs are Publishing Their Own Books

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today, more entrepreneurs are turning to self-publishing to promote their companies. Writing and publishing a book may sound daunting, but it's easier than ever with more self-publishing platforms available today. Self-published books can be e-books or you can also create printed versions.
Here are five steps to help you get started:

1. Decide on an engaging topic. Not sure what to write about? Stay away from recapping your company blog posts or simply publishing marketing material. You want to demonstrate your expertise in a distinctive, engaging way. Both print and e-books can be as short as 100 pages or as long as 300.

2. Know the basics. Do your homework on the rules of publishing before starting out. For example, owning the International Standard Book Number, which can be purchased at for $125, can help you retain publishing rights in the future to more easily create updated editions of your book and allow you to switch publishing platforms.

3. Plan your budget. A big expense will be publication costs, which run about $5 to $20 per printed book. Choosing a publishing company that offers short run book printing, which lets you order books as needed rather than paying for a bulk order. Otherwise, you could end up ordering too many copies and getting stuck with leftovers.

4. Develop a marketing strategy. Even if you didn't set out to write a bestseller, you should figure out a marketing strategy for the book before it's published. Will you promote it via Twitter or Facebook? Or will it simply be mailed to potential clients? You also can use your company website to promote the book by creating a separate tab on your home page or a special blog. If you plan to market your book to a larger audience than your target customers, compare royalty fees from various publishing sites to see where you'd make the most money.

5. Pick a publisher. There are a number of advantages for self publishers who work with a commercial publishing company because of the shipping, support services and turnaround time they can offer. The printer should be able to help and support the self publisher through the printing and the proofing of their book.

For information on short run books and self publishing, contact The Country Press.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Short Run Printing is in High Demand

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Everyone whether they are large scale publishing companies or individuals have access to commercial printing services. However due to the changes in book publishing there is now a huge demand for short run printing. Through The Country Press you now have access to the kind of print quality that only comes from the equipment of large scale commercial printers.

Every publisher or author should do research in order to determine the best short run printer for their needs. Finding the right short run printer can save you time, money and aggravation.

Short run printing is the perfect option for customers that require high-quality book printing for 500 books or less. The Country Press can fulfill your requirements very effectively. Our perfect bound and saddle stitched books are of the highest quality.

Our digital presses enable us to offer you short run printing. Our quality of short run digital printing is of the same quality as larger offset printing.

For more information or a quote on short run book printing, contact The Country Press.

Advantages to Self Publishing and Short Run Book Printing

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

There are many advantages to self-publishing. Here are the top seven.

1. You can publish anything – a memoir, a cookbook, a political rant, a philosophical essay. Many topics have no commercial appeal for a publishing house, which has to make a profit. But once a marginal subject is in print and doing well, a publishing house may pick it up.

2. Speed: A self-published manuscript can be on the market in a matter of weeks, while a traditional publisher may take up to two years to get the book out, if they do at all. For topical subjects, this is just too long, as usually the moment has passed and the book is no longer relevant.

3. More Control. With self-publishing, the author has considerably more control over the planning, editing, and marketing process. Even if using a full-service publisher, the author can work with the professional staff and guide the design process towards their personal preferences.

4. Retention of Rights: In most cases as far as corporate-oriented trade publishing, rights - movie, foreign, games, digital – belong to the publisher rather than the author. With a self-published book services, the author is the publisher and therefore retains all rights to the book.

5. Short Run Books. Self-publishers are advised to print only a small number of books at a time. With short run book printing the overall outlay is minimal, and sale of the first run provides the income to pay for the next. With short run printing, the author can fill orders, and have no inventory.

6. Money. The author keeps the full sales price of a self-published book, instead of a small royalty per copy sold from a traditional publisher. With print-on-demand sales, the author is paid a higher royalty, and the author gets the money much faster than with traditional publishing.

7. The book stays in print for as long as the author wants. With conventional publishing, four months is about the average time a book stays of the shelves before often being pulled to make room for something new. You will never see a self-published book remaindered.

For help with self publishing or short run book printing, contact The Country Press.

The Canadian

Short Run Book Printing When You Need a Small Amount of Books Fast

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Have a fast approaching deadline, a book promotion tour, or book sale? Short run book printing may be the perfect option for publishing companies and self publishers looking for a small amount of books with fast turnaround.

Authors and self publishers choose short run book publishing when they need anywhere from 11 to 5000 books printed fast. If you need advanced copies, or a smaller amount of books to fulfill order obligations, turn to short run book printers .

Commercial printers make their money on the amount of books they print. Short run book printers are interested in how many books you need to print. Short run book printing is for printing a smaller quantity of books.

Short run book printers can often make the difference between printing and not printing your book.  Want to order less than 11 to 5000 books? Contact The County Press, Inc.

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