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11 Apr 2023

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The Country Press, Inc - Short-Run Book Printing

For newbie writers looking to print their new manuscript, short run printing and print on demand are popular printing concept methods that are worth exploring. Short digital production is the answer to the new challenge. Short run printing and print on demand are new methods that work in tandem to greatly improve the efficiency of ordering books or any multi-page documents whether in small or greater quantities.

With the use of digital printing, the ability to print in short runs is largely possible in small quantities. Digital equipment is the least expensive choice for printing short runs because there are only minimal set-up costs associated with this job. This is the reason why the unit cost of each book is low. This goes with the print on demand method where the printer will produce books on an ‘as needed’ basis. It is ordering the quantity of books as needed. Taking advantage of the benefit of short run printing and printing on demand, it is ordering a small quantity of books instead of a whole skid which you will not invest money in. At the same time, it will turn your inventory faster. And because you are ordering in smaller quantities, the chance of being stuck with obsolete or out-of-date books is minimized, especially if the content changes more rapidly than anticipated. And most of all, it is favorable for book projects because it allows for test marketing and relatively quick adjustments if ever there are frequent changes to the content or design of the book to be made.

Further, in the short run printing your books ordered will take up less storage space thus reducing handling costs too. With digital printing, you will have the books in your hands quicker because a shorter run takes less time to produce resulting in faster turnaround. Overall, this method offers newbie writers the chance to enhance their orders with flexibility with shorter delivery times, faster time-to-market, and cost savings in warehousing and distribution.

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