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Everyone whether they are large scale publishing companies or individuals have access to commercial printing services. Commercial printers generally make their money on the number of copies ordered but in recent years there has been a rise in the number of people wanting to self publish. Self publishing has meant that there is now a huge demand for short run printing and this means that self publishers and publishers now have access to the kind of print quality that only comes from the equipment of large scale commercial printers.

Short run printing is best for self publishers and publishers who may have only a small distribution channel as it means they can order just a dozen copies and order more later if the publication sells well as publishers will already have both the interior and cover materials of the publication. A short run book printer can make the world of difference to a self publisher or publisher as being able to order a short run can mean the difference between printing and not printing their book. Commercial printers who do short runs means that the self publisher or publisher can order less than a thousand units, which means they save a huge amount of money.

A short run books printer will have different sizes and specifications depending on whether the print is for a trade book, a manual, handbook, textbook or art book and should also state the size of the run. The publisher will also offer a choice of printing inks, font type and paper, there should also be the option with art books for lithographic and planograpic options, as these offer the highest quality imagery there is and are used in art books. The publisher will also have a choice of different weights and color of book covers. Some covers, particularly if the publication is an art book may have a silk cover.

Even if someone is ordering a short print run the printer will usually offer them a good range of binding options as these can make a difference to how the book sells. Printers may also offer both soft and hard cover editions of the book. There are a number of advantages for self publishers who work with a commercial printing company because of the shipping, support services and turnaround time they can offer. The printer should be able to help and support the self publisher through the printing and the proofing of their book. Some companies may provide short run printing customers with a personal point of contact who remains in contact with the self publisher right the way through the printing and shipping process.

A dedicated personal advisor will be able to help with the design of the publication including the inks, paper, lithographs and/or planographs if applicable. The advisor will be on hand through the proofing process and onto the completion and short run printing of the book



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