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DIGITAL PRINTING: Print On Demand Makes Money

- Friday, September 25, 2020
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

Print on demand works in a simple way. It provides you with a short-notice printing and ships the merchandise directly to your customers, on-demand. No minimum quantity to print and no problem with the distribution and selling of the goods. The best and favorable part is that you only have to pay for what you have ordered which means little to no capital risk. No expense on inventory space or shipping too. The third-party service provider will be the one to handle the distribution of goods. As such, you will only focus on on-demand orders in order to produce sales and grow your business. That is the power of Print-in-demand.

With Print-on-demand there is no need for big investment before you start selling and begin with digital printing. And print on demand networks is accessible in placing your order and will access the full catalog immediately. It is very easy and fast to set up. This will save you a lot of when you think about the time that you will spend getting it right and producing it in a short span of time. And once the order has been placed, the supplier will take care of order fulfillment which means no need for inventory space but rather focus on selling. There are new writers and publishers with little to no risk using Print on demand which helps them in printing their own books and selling them with a very low investment budget. And for the shipping of these ordered printed books, the service provider will ship it directly to the individual user.

With digital printing, the Print on demand provides a big opportunity for newbie writers and publishers in publishing their books and building up their own unique brand with less worry on the selling, inventory and distribution of their new publication. It is tolerably a low-risk business endeavor that gives potential returns and generates profits.

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The Country Press’ Perfect Bound Book Printing Services

- Friday, September 18, 2020
Perfect Bound Book, Boston, MA - The Country Press Inc.

When you seek the highest quality and visually appealing book production, perfect bound book printing is the way to go. It provides you with high quality product wherein texts and graphics are printed in high resolution with binding tidily done. It can provide you with multiple professional-looking books in a jiffy at a minimal cost.

Perfect bound books make use of special adhesives to bind the pages together, making it more intact and durable. It's a perfect printing method if you are aiming for a more polished final output. Moreover, it has a capability to produce multiple copies at one go. Hence, providing you with numbers of final book prints in no time.

So if you want a speedy method of producing perfect bound books, contact Country Press Printing. The Country Press Inc. is the solution to all your book printing needs especially perfect bound books.

Digital Printing Makes Catalogue Production Affordable

- Friday, September 11, 2020
Country Press Printing in Boston, MA

Catalogs are a tried and true method to promote business. The digital printing services we’ve provide to Boston-area businesses over the years and the value of the service delivered is a reward that is hard to communicate in words.

We deliver catalog production services (and of course a wide variety of other marketing products) using state of the art digital printing technology. We’re experienced and have produced countless variations on the traditional catalog and are experienced to produce tailor-made products that precisely meet the needs of varying target audiences.

Digital printing services will always be an enabler for business marketing success. Our ”print-on-demand” service offerings ensure that you will rapidly respond to business opportunities that often have very short windows of opportunity.

We’re ready to go to work for you. For more information on rapid response digital printing services, contact Country Press Printing.

Print In-Demand Book Publishing Exceeds Your Expectation

- Monday, August 31, 2020
Perfect Bound Book, Boston, MA - The Country Press Inc.

With the modern technology in printing, Print-on-demand requires a workable and sustainable publishing strategy removing the hassle, high cost of advanced printing and the need for catalog storage. Before the old time, traditional publishing of books required a big investment to print a large inventory of books upfront. It includes taking the risk whether it will sell or not and packing and posting hundreds of books which is a very demanding task. However, there is a much shorter and practical way now with the recent Print-on-demand service which by placing just an order everything will be worked out for you.

With the recent modern trend in digital printing, Print-on-demand service caters to printing individual copies of your book as orders come in and ship them directly to the customer for you. This is the newest printing technology and business process in which book copies are not printed until the company receives an order, allowing prints of single or small quantities. It uses third-party services like online stores to promote the product catalog to sell even without actually having them on the stock. There is no need to stock any books yourself or the least taking the risk if it does not sell. All the other services like selling, packing, and posting parts are all taken care of for you. When you finally create your print-ready content file, the next thing to happen is to sell it everywhere, to all eCommerce platforms and all print-on-demand sites. This will help your investments get a return as quickly as possible.

Most of the Print-on-demand companies come out favorably which new publishers ever wanted because every customer and every job wants to exceed expectations for every customer. Print-on-demand has the capability to create and sell print books which they work and print books to look great and be delivered on time. There is no need to print a lot of books in advance and get rid of the hassle with logistics. If a customer wants a print book, that order will be directly published in all POD service providers.

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The Flexibility of Digital Printing Services Helps Your Business Grow

Joseph Coupal - Sunday, August 23, 2020
Country Press Digital Printing in Boston, MA

Digital printing services are relied upon by virtually every Boston-area business owner. From key marketing materials to internal product coordination, it is critical that the printed materials you seek get turned in short-order so that they can immediately be put to use. We specialize in quick-turn and high quality digital printing services.

We empower you to benefit from the latest digital printing technologies. For example, our Kodak commercial professional digital printers are among the most celebrated digital printer produced. They empower you to print from digitally-sourced files ranging from simple text to the highest resolution graphics that your system can generate. Digital technologies have a quicker set-up time compared to the traditional printing. It is significantly less expensive at smaller print runs and is much more flexible than traditional plate-based offset printing that you might be more accustomed to.

So we’re here to quick-turn your digital production needs with the highest quality end-product that today’s technology can offer. For more information on digital printing, contact Country Press Printing.

DIGITAL PRINTING: Increases Sales Turnaround Through Print On Demand

- Friday, August 14, 2020
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

In recent years, technology has developed amazing tools and resources in putting useful information within reach. It has paved the way for multiple functions and methods on how to publish a book and the smooth distribution to the end readers. Printing processes are increasingly faster, more transferable and high-powered than ever before. Because of the capabilities of Digital printing, print on demand is capable of filling an order for one book profitably.

Through Digital printing, it prints books only in response to orders and only prints the exact amount ordered through the book distribution print on demand method. This makes Digital printing and Print on demand inseparable. Once the order has been placed, print off individual copies of the book as orders come in and ship them to the customer for you. It is so convenient that there is no more stocking of books as well as the selling, packing and posting parts are all attended to. And for the online stores, it already includes the product catalogue to sell without actually having them in stock. This encourages the publisher to create more books and sell more print books. With this process, the printing of books is limited and no need to print in advance resulting in savings on logistics cost.

With today’s printing technologies it makes the print on demand workable and makes long term publishing strategy by eliminating the hassle, high cost of advanced printing and the need for catalogue storage. Because once you have created your print-ready content file, the next step is to sell it everywhere, to all ecommerce platforms and all print-on-demand sites. This will help your investments generate a return as soon as possible. And most importantly this high-tech process has made your lives faster, easier, better and generates fast sales turnaround.

For more tips on digital printing, contact Country Press Printing.

DIGITAL PRINTING: Publish Coffee Table Books At Its Finest

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 07, 2020
Country Press Printing in Boston, MA

Coffee table books have been around for years and are still one of the most popular coffee table books that are in demand in any coffee shop. Through Digital printing, it has satisfactorily met the standards of a coffee table book that has the visual appeal, broad approach to the text and theme and especially its unique and eye catching content. With digital printing, it brings out the beauty which is a visual inspiration of a coffee table book.

With digital printing it takes a different method and assembles the images ready for printing for a coffee table book. These images are captured from pixels, and the digitized image is used to control the deposition of ink, toner and exposure in order to replicate the image to print. The artwork is created on a computer and directly printed onto the material. Inkjet printers create the documents and use real ink which generates vivid and professional-quality color photos. Another way is through a laser printer that uses a laser mechanism combined with electromagnetism in order to create your printed documents. Basically, a laser traces your document or image onto an electromagnetic canvas wherein it is electrically charged particles of toner. Hence, printing this coffee table book will make a commercial success as part of the creative process.

Coffee table books contain and compile the greatest of the works and people in current time. They are great volumes for staying cognizant and updated with the times you are living in. And with digital printers, it has consistently communicated the stance in creating a lasting, beautiful and collectible physical object to concentrate over as well as show off on your shelf or coffee table.

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DIGITAL PRINTING: Fast Turnaround and Reduced Waste

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 31, 2020
Country Press Printing in Boston, MA

With the fast paced in the printing technology, Digital Printing has overtaken the competition with the Print-on-demand process. Basically, whatever you need for printing, your demand will be prepared even at the shortest notice and how many copies you will be ordering. This is the new instant gratification wherein when you want it, you want it now and you will have it. The best characteristic of this Digital printing is its ideal for last-minute, low quantities or on-demand projects. It has totally rendered a fast turnaround of demand.

Digital printing differs from traditional printing because the machines used do not require printing plates. Instead of using metal plates to transfer an image, digital printing presses print the image directly onto the media base. The output quality of digital printing is improving continuously. With Digital printing high-quality reproduction of books is no longer the customary costly setup fees and extended delivery times for those orders. These advancements are delivering print quality that is comparable to offset printing. Not to mention the savings due to the production waste which are non-existent. With a print-on-demand process, each order makes it relevant and actionable. When used within their capabilities, the benefits of print on demand are hard to be beat.

Accordingly, when digital printing is used for print on demand, things will be easier, faster, affordable and achievable. The benefit of cost-effectiveness and the convenience of placing an order through print on demand lighten the process. It is faster and capable of handling much demand at the shortest time possible. Digital printing opens the doors to a wide range of possibilities. These advancements are delivering print quality at quick turnaround with less waste from generating order, delivery and distribution.

For more tips on digital printing, contact Country Press Printing.

Things to Know About Print-On-Demand

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 24, 2020
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

No matter what kind of book project you are working on, you need to consider the printing method when converting your digital work to a physical book product. The design and feel of each page in the hands of the reader matter equally as the design quality itself.

Writers can print their piece through traditional offset way or the latest printing technology that enables writers to print-on-demand. This allows the books to be printed per order.

What You Need to Know About Print-On-Demand

1. Print-on-demand is currently at the same level as offset printing

Printing technology has improved so much over the years. Digital printing machines can produce exquisite quality prints on par with offset printing. For instance, modern inkjet technology produces a high-quality page and covers closely similar to those created in the traditional way. This offers incredible benefits to independent publishers.

What makes print-on-demand possible, is that digital printers make use of a laser imaging system that can instantly transfer image data to the paper, unlike the tenacious procedure of offset printing that utilizes plates that are pressed to papers to create the print. In the early years, digital printing can only manage lower resolutions and only limited colors are available. But modern digital printing technology has improved so much over the last 15 years. Now, it has the ability to create high-resolution prints with more color options and faster machines that can print more pages per minute.

Moreover, there are significant changes in the weight and feel of the paper. Digital printing offers amazing opportunities for various image presentations. Making it a preferable printing option for those specialized book products like comics and photography collections.

2. Fast and Economical

Traditionally, producing books could cost bookmakers about 1,000 copies and a costly proof galley. In case there are errors, you are compelled to outlay for the print of another copy to be sent for proofing. Let's say the proof copies charge ranges between $100–$500, plus the expenditure for the initial 1,000 final copies of the book. Imagine how steep the cost is for your initial book launch. However, if you opt for POD, the initial expenditure would only be the price of one book copy which is around $15. POD allows you to see the entire book and enables you to print multiple sets of proofing for a huge order tantamount to the price of merely a single round offset printing.

Digitally printed books are produced in the same facility, minus the need to ship blocks and covers to different sites for assembly. Not counting the ability of modern digital machines that can incredibly produce multiple outputs in a matter of a few weeks.

3. Easy Distribution

Distribution via POD is probably convenient to sell your piece since books are printed as they're ordered. It eliminates books to be stocked in one corner waiting to be shipped because another agency can fulfill the shipping. You may also list your work in major book-selling sites. This provides your book with more credibility and exposure. Plus, it makes order processing a breeze.

Although traditional offset has its advantages, POD technology provides bookmakers with equally amazing benefits. Modern digital printing allows you to produce and sell professional-looking books one at a time.

To learn more about print-on-demand, contact Country Press Printing.

DIGITAL PRINTING: Profitably Publishing Children's Books

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 17, 2020
Country Press Printing in Boston, MA

Children’s books will always populate store shelves. They play an essential role in the lives of the young and pave the path to our future leaders. The stories themselves promote vocabulary and language skills, entertainment, learning experiences, social skills, and many others. With digital printing it develops beautiful picture books, books for toddlers, early readers, and chapter books that will make social interaction easier for them as they move along through the world as adults.

Printing children’s books is simple as long as you go in knowing a few basics. Digital books such as story apps, picture book apps, and interactive story, are narratives presented with interactive features. Though many children’s books share a few similar specifications, there are a few choices you will want to make depending on your particular project. It is your choice whether it is a hardcover children’s book which is case wrapped or a soft cover that is perfect bound. A case wrapped book has a printed cover adhered to the hardcover of the book or a softcover book which is a gloss laminate. This provides a more durable cover that will have less chance of ripping even when opened over and over again by little hands. And lastly, the size in which many children’s books are printed in landscape format so they are wider. More so, digital printing of children’s books has diversified and corresponds to children’s reading choices.

With high‐quality digital printing, it helps children learn and enjoy reading with optimized design and retains the status of reading as the most important activity for children’s learning. Children’s books high-quality prints are mounted on boards and perfectly spread across the pages, allowing for printed images to flow smoothly forming panoramic spreads. With beautiful illustration, it develops significant traits to children like empathy, patience, and concentration, and even for adults.

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