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Digital Printing Makes Self-Publishing Possible

- Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Country Press Printing - Digital printing in Boston, MA

Self-publishing allows several authors to skip the inflexible traditional publishing process. Once upon a time, authors were forced to source a significant amount of up-front capital to publish and print large volume copies even when the marketability of the work was in question. If you are not certain of the salability of your book, this can be an expensive venture. Fortunately, digital book printing service is now here to cater to the publishing needs of writers without pressuring them to spend much.

Self-publishing provides authors the freedom to print their book projects in small quantities. This allows writers to test first the commercial viability of their work before they print more. This eliminates expenses on storage fees for unsold books will be minimized when you have the liberty to print as many or as few books as needed. In addition, digital printing service will take care of everything without costing too much.

Digital printing can produce books in less time. Thus, you can start selling your books right away. To find out more about the benefits of self-publishing and digital book printing, contact Country Press, Inc.


Impressive Bound Galleys To Gain Positive Book Remarks

- Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Country Press Inc - Boston, MA

Amateur writers usually need an introduction by some known people. Positive feedback from book critics and bloggers can help entice people to buy and read your work. Comments and reviews from distinguished persons can help improve the marketability of your book to the public. In order to gather feedback from these people, you need to send them a presentable bound galleys in advance.

Bound galleys in Boston, MA offers decent way to present your work and earn positive impression from advanced selected readers. These books have high quality prints and are perfectly bound to look professional. If you want to ensure you get good reviews from these individuals, make sure your bound galleys are attractive and enticing as much as possible. You hit the jackpot when a public figure or a blogger loves your book and introduce it to the public.

Having said that, it is important that your bound galleys are professionally-made. The digital printing method can ensure that you will produce presentable and clear printed covers and pages. One that your select advanced readers will be impressed of. After they approved your work, you can easily make the final tweaks through digital printing so in no time your final book will be out to the market. Contact Country Press Inc. for high quality bound galleys.

PRINT ON DEMAND: Gives The Joy of Book Printing

- Friday, October 30, 2020
Country Press Printing

Reading books gives a lot of joy and comfort for many people. It gives them ease and relieves tension and stress. It brings them into another world of imagination that makes them forget other things and instead condition their minds with complete relaxation. And people who read every day are more likely to desire more books and reading materials that will satisfy their encounter with the outside world. And Print on Demand answers their unending yearning for more books.

Print on demand is getting noticed nowadays and increasingly growing since it is more for writers and books. More customers, writers and creators are keen on availing this new method where they will be publishing a book or demanding a copy of any book that will be printed for them as demanded. This time the book will not physically exist until it is ordered or demanded. And once demanded by a customer, the book will be printed from the digital file and if necessary assembled, packaged and shipped directly to the customer. Or another third party distribution service provider will handle the distribution of the newly printed book.

With this digital printing technology there is no more stocking of books. The Print on Demand method saves a lot of storage and reduces inventory and waste. Most of the books which are released by third service providers like Amazon, eBay and other online stores are being kept as digital files and only they get printed when someone orders a copy. Only then the books are printed and made available. And with Print on Demand, the joy of book printing will stand the test of time and technology.

For more tips on Print on Demand, contact Country Press Printing.

DIGITAL PRINTING: The Perfect Complement For A Successful Book Printing

- Friday, October 23, 2020
Country Press Printing in Boston, MA

You are an author and have finished your final review of your work. You now want your hard work to hit the streets as fast and as economically affordable as possible. Look no further than The Country Press’ on-demand printing services.

Modern digital printing technologies makes on-demand digital printing the publisher’s choice. The reason for this is not simply the speed of putting your work into the hands of the consumer, it is the value-based pricing that digital printing offers. Gone are the days of forcing the author to over-produce on the initial print run. The speed of production empowers authors to order short-run publishing services knowing that rapid resupply is just around the corner when your work meets with overwhelming success.

We can assist you with self-publishing services as well. We have helped thousands of first time self-publishers understand the whole process including:

  • All the terms, terminology and definitions
  • The reasons and advantages of self-publishing
  • How to deal with printers
  • How to be cost effective
  • Printing options
  • Color options
  • How to design a cover and the different types
  • Spine width
  • Binding
  • and much more ...

We’re the book publisher’s best friend due to value-priced production excellence. For more information regarding digital printing and production services, contact Country Press Printing.

Short-Run Book Printing: Quick and Affordable Book Printing Solution

- Friday, October 16, 2020
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

Short-run book printing is the fast and economical means of publishing books. This favors self-publishers as the printing and publishing are a breeze and amazingly low cost, they can keep the most of their profits.

Unlike traditional printing that is very costly, short-run printing lets you start your business on your own conditions. Minimal initial costs allow to publish a few copies, and can publish a book in a timely fashion are some great advantages of a short-run book printing.

The Country Press offers short-run book printing that allows you to print a minimum quantity of 11 books in just a matter of days. Now authors can test the selling potential of their work. There will be no more excess copies and this eliminates the need to spend on storage spaces.

Short-run book printing promotes self-publishing and allow this independent writers to receive more profits by providing a very affordable printing/publishing solution for them. With short-run printing, there's less economic risk. Thus, writers can be more creative and can come up with a better publishing business game plan.

For more information about short-run book printing, contact The Country Press Printing.

Perfect Bound Vs. Saddle Stitch Binding

- Wednesday, October 07, 2020
The Country Press Inc. - Perfect Bound Books, Boston, MA

Can't decide which binding technique to choose for your book project? Whether it is catalog, magazine, or multi-page booklets, you have two primary options ---- saddle stitch binding or perfect bound. Both binding methods will provide you with durable and stylish books.

Not let's tackle the difference between the perfect bound and saddle stitch binding:

Perfect Bound

If you opt for soft covers for your books, the perfect bound is the most preferred option. This method makes use of a special adhesive to fasten the pages to the spine. Since the cover page is used to make the spine where the pages are attached, there is no seam in the middle of the cover page and the spine. This results in a tidier, more pleasing front edge. They offer a more durable and perfectly-bound book. Spines may be printed and they allow you to apply varieties of color options and finishes to make your book more appealing.

Saddle Stitch

On the other hand, saddle stitch is the best option if you are working with brochures, leaflets and magazines with less than a hundred page. This binding method staples full sheets of paper jointly in the middle. The cover and the pages are bent in half alongside the staple line. This method does not require a special glue and they can be instantly produced making it an economical option.

To learn more about book binding, contact The Country Press Printing.

DIGITAL PRINTING: Print On Demand Makes Money

- Friday, September 25, 2020
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

Print on demand works in a simple way. It provides you with a short-notice printing and ships the merchandise directly to your customers, on-demand. No minimum quantity to print and no problem with the distribution and selling of the goods. The best and favorable part is that you only have to pay for what you have ordered which means little to no capital risk. No expense on inventory space or shipping too. The third-party service provider will be the one to handle the distribution of goods. As such, you will only focus on on-demand orders in order to produce sales and grow your business. That is the power of Print-in-demand.

With Print-on-demand there is no need for big investment before you start selling and begin with digital printing. And print on demand networks is accessible in placing your order and will access the full catalog immediately. It is very easy and fast to set up. This will save you a lot of when you think about the time that you will spend getting it right and producing it in a short span of time. And once the order has been placed, the supplier will take care of order fulfillment which means no need for inventory space but rather focus on selling. There are new writers and publishers with little to no risk using Print on demand which helps them in printing their own books and selling them with a very low investment budget. And for the shipping of these ordered printed books, the service provider will ship it directly to the individual user.

With digital printing, the Print on demand provides a big opportunity for newbie writers and publishers in publishing their books and building up their own unique brand with less worry on the selling, inventory and distribution of their new publication. It is tolerably a low-risk business endeavor that gives potential returns and generates profits.

For more tips on Print-on-demand, contact The Country Press Printing, Inc.

The Country Press’ Perfect Bound Book Printing Services

- Friday, September 18, 2020
Perfect Bound Book, Boston, MA - The Country Press Inc.

When you seek the highest quality and visually appealing book production, perfect bound book printing is the way to go. It provides you with high quality product wherein texts and graphics are printed in high resolution with binding tidily done. It can provide you with multiple professional-looking books in a jiffy at a minimal cost.

Perfect bound books make use of special adhesives to bind the pages together, making it more intact and durable. It's a perfect printing method if you are aiming for a more polished final output. Moreover, it has a capability to produce multiple copies at one go. Hence, providing you with numbers of final book prints in no time.

So if you want a speedy method of producing perfect bound books, contact Country Press Printing. The Country Press Inc. is the solution to all your book printing needs especially perfect bound books.

Digital Printing Makes Catalogue Production Affordable

- Friday, September 11, 2020
Country Press Printing in Boston, MA

Catalogs are a tried and true method to promote business. The digital printing services we’ve provide to Boston-area businesses over the years and the value of the service delivered is a reward that is hard to communicate in words.

We deliver catalog production services (and of course a wide variety of other marketing products) using state of the art digital printing technology. We’re experienced and have produced countless variations on the traditional catalog and are experienced to produce tailor-made products that precisely meet the needs of varying target audiences.

Digital printing services will always be an enabler for business marketing success. Our ”print-on-demand” service offerings ensure that you will rapidly respond to business opportunities that often have very short windows of opportunity.

We’re ready to go to work for you. For more information on rapid response digital printing services, contact Country Press Printing.

Print In-Demand Book Publishing Exceeds Your Expectation

- Monday, August 31, 2020
Perfect Bound Book, Boston, MA - The Country Press Inc.

With the modern technology in printing, Print-on-demand requires a workable and sustainable publishing strategy removing the hassle, high cost of advanced printing and the need for catalog storage. Before the old time, traditional publishing of books required a big investment to print a large inventory of books upfront. It includes taking the risk whether it will sell or not and packing and posting hundreds of books which is a very demanding task. However, there is a much shorter and practical way now with the recent Print-on-demand service which by placing just an order everything will be worked out for you.

With the recent modern trend in digital printing, Print-on-demand service caters to printing individual copies of your book as orders come in and ship them directly to the customer for you. This is the newest printing technology and business process in which book copies are not printed until the company receives an order, allowing prints of single or small quantities. It uses third-party services like online stores to promote the product catalog to sell even without actually having them on the stock. There is no need to stock any books yourself or the least taking the risk if it does not sell. All the other services like selling, packing, and posting parts are all taken care of for you. When you finally create your print-ready content file, the next thing to happen is to sell it everywhere, to all eCommerce platforms and all print-on-demand sites. This will help your investments get a return as quickly as possible.

Most of the Print-on-demand companies come out favorably which new publishers ever wanted because every customer and every job wants to exceed expectations for every customer. Print-on-demand has the capability to create and sell print books which they work and print books to look great and be delivered on time. There is no need to print a lot of books in advance and get rid of the hassle with logistics. If a customer wants a print book, that order will be directly published in all POD service providers.

For more tips on Print-on-demand, contact Country Press Printing.



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