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Print on Demand Lets You Control Costs and Inventory and Get Your Books to Market Faster - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 29, 2016

Book print on demand (POD) services have grown increasingly in demand because it allows you to control both costs and inventory. Additionally, on demand book printing also gets your high quality books to the market faster than by choosing the traditional book printing methods.

Print on demand in Newton, MA has transformed the book supply and demand chain. Since its existence, POD has also redefined how quality books are designed, printed, and distributed today. In fact, by employing the latest digital printing technologies, POD can help aspiring self-publishers and independent authors effectively and economically bring books to market.

With the advancements and capabilities offered by digital book printing, you can now achieve both speed-to-market and the quality of books that your readers expect across a wide range of formats such as novels, educational textbooks, manuals, or a mass market paperbacks. In addition to POD services, digital book printing also allows for the reduction or elimination of inventories, customizable content, reduced obsolescence, and repurposing content seamlessly across all types of book formats.

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The Digital Book Printing Process - Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 22, 2016

Digital book printing combines a high-tech, high-speed printing machine to computer-driven bindery equipment in order to produce high quality books faster and more efficiently. There are separate digital files for the book cover and the interior text which is then imaged using toner instead of ink. The printing process is actually analogous to how a high-end copier works, though on a larger scale.

The printed book pages and a well-designed cover are perfectly bound together in the size you desire. Some digital printing equipment can produce an entire book, including the book cover, in just five minutes. This printing process is called print on demand. With digital technology, authors and publishing houses no longer need to print books in bulk just in order to save on per piece production expenses because books can be printed on demand at a very affordable price.

Digital printing in Newton, MA has changed the face of book production and has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the book printing industry. More and more self published authors are seizing the opportunity to bring books to market because of the ease of printing and the reduced capital involved in publishing.

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Print on Demand to Control Costs and Get Books to Market Faster - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Print on demand in Boston, MA allows you to get your books to market faster than ever before. Additionally, self-publishers are also better able to control inventory and other related costs.

The technological advancements in digital printing in Newton, MA allows aspiring authors and self-publishers to print books on demand economically and quickly. It offers the ability to produce books as needed which contributes to largely reducing inventory and storage issues and minimizing risks. In addition to being able to replenish the inventory on the shelves more effectively, the flow of money is also more liquid because you can have books on the shelves faster because it takes less time to produce them through digital printing.

Print on demand (POD) services let you achieve speed-to-market and superior quality which readers expect when printing books in a wide array of formats. POD services also provide various options for customization that help you create books that offer a wonderful reading experience to your target market.

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Digital Book Printing Make It Easier to Self-Publish and Get A Higher Return on Investment - Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 08, 2016

The advancements in digital book printing has brought with it a wide array of options for authors and publishing companies. These options have allowed self-publishers and publishing houses to produce books that are high in quality and aesthetically pleasing both inside and out.

There used to be only two ways to publish a book. Get your book into the hands of a major publisher or pay for publishing yourself. Before digital printing, both options were costly and time-consuming. Self-publishing the old-fashioned way, using offset printers, was costly because you had to print in large quantities. Today, publishers and authors can save on expenses and print a smaller amount of books.

The services for self-publishing in Newton, MA make it easy for you to self-publish your book and get a higher return on investment. There are no complicated publishing packages or contracts that make the process complicated. The best technology is used to print your books, the process is kept simple, and the cost remains economical without compromising quality or service.

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Digital Book Printing Uses State-of-the-Art Equipment to Produce Quality Books - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 01, 2016

Digital book printing in Boston, MA uses state-of-the-art equipment which allows for the high- quality production of all types of books. Reprinting books quickly and in small quantities is possible because of this digital printing technology.

With digital printing, books are guaranteed to be clearly printed from the first page to the last. Each copy is bound securely and professionally to endure multiple readers and years of use. The pages stay intact, and the text and illustrations will remain clear and colorful.

With print on demand, you no longer need to have a large amount of capital in order to make your books available to the public. Additionally, you no longer have to print excessive copies in order to save on printing costs per book. This is why many independent authors, self-publishers, and even print brokers choose digital book printing over traditional off-set printing.

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Self-Publishing Books for More Author Control and Rights - Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 25, 2016

Self-publishing in Newton, MA has been a huge success for many interested authors and independent publishers because of the advancements in digital printing. Now, more and more Indy authors are taking advantage of self-publishing. Because of it's success and popularity, others are enticed to do the same.

Digital book printing has increased overall publication speed. As a result, self-published books can get to market in less time than when using traditional book printing. With the complete process often taking only a few weeks, it is also easier to replenish book inventory based on market demands.

When authors choose self publishing, they are also able to have more author control and rights. Self-published authors are more in control through the planning to the editing, publishing, design, and marketing process. Only through self-publishing can the book format, cover design, and other details be decided entirely by the author. Because it is more hands-on, the book rights belong to you, the author. This means that you can do whatever you desire with your book rather than having to work within the boundaries of a publishing house.

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Print on Demand So You have NO Excess Inventory - Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 15, 2016

Today’s print on demand service options let you print and produce books as you need them. This is why authors and publishers no longer need to invest in large press runs for the sake of saving on set-up costs. Additionally, there is no longer a risk of being left with stacks of unsold books.

Custom digital book printing now allows independent authors to produce books in small amounts when ordered. This option is now considered a more ideal solution by many because it also helps prevent authors from having to ship and store a large quantity of books. This alleviates being charged for a large transaction for too many books, providing a better return on investment.

Digital printing in Newton, MA has improved its processes in order to allow print on demand. There are also customization options provided so you can edit or personalize your printing project. Through digital printing, books are produced in high quality and you will have virtually no excess inventory. This allows you to profit faster once the books hit the market.

To find out more about digital book printing and print on demand services, contact the Country Press, Inc.

How Digital Printing has Encouraged Many Authors to Self-Publish in Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 11, 2016

Through digital printing, the cost of publishing via short runs has been significantly reduced and authors have benefited largely from all that this updated way to print books has to offer. As a result, more and more authors have become interested in self-publishing their work and have been brave enough to test the waters.

Digital book printing offers interested authors and independent publishers more opportunities and a larger range of options than ever before. Innovations in digital printing have given birth to print-on-demand and self-publishing services that have allowed authors to publish their books who were previously unable or unwilling to engage in traditional book printing and publishing. Rather than having no option other than traditional printing and publishing services, now an author can pursue publication on their own using Country Press custom service and digital book printing.

Self-publishing in Boston, MAwith the Country Press also includes editing and book binding services. Because this is all done through one company instead of outsourcing, the entire processes from beginning to end is streamlined which paves the way for the creation of high quality books.

To find out more about digital book printing and self-publishing, contact the Country Press, Inc.

Happy New Year from Country Press Printing - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 31, 2015

Normally at this time of week, we at Country Press, Inc. reserve time and energy to author our blogs. We do this in the interest of keeping you all updated, educated, and informed on subjects that we hope provide you both personal and professional reward.

As we sit now with the holiday celebrations of last week behind us but with the warmth of family still surrounding us, our thoughts are with you. With the New Year just days away, our thoughts include true appreciation for our relationships with each of you and how those relationships allow for us to take this briefest of moments to fully prioritize and celebrate family.

As we approach the New Year's celebration, may you all remain safe and surrounded by family. May 2016 be a most merry and prosperous year for you and your businesses. And may we be honored with privilege of your continued friendships and partnership for 2016 and for years to come.

Warmest Regards To You All....

Digital Book Printing has Streamlined the Workflow Requirements for A More Cost-Effective Print Run - Newton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Managing inventory and dealing with unsold books is risky and expensive for self-publishers. Run lengths of printed books can now be decreased. When writing and publishing a new book, it can be difficult to forecast the exact quantity of books to publish. This can often leave you with too many or too few books for demand. This makes digital book printing the best approach for self-publishers or for publishing companies printing first time books.

With print on demand (POD) technology and the need for smaller print runs, offset printing can be seen as a less ideal alternative for book printing because it takes a longer time, more money is required, and the minimum requirements of books that you need to print if often too many. POD uses an automated digital workflow solution which has streamlined the workflow requirements. This has resulted in a more cost-effective print run.

Digital printing in Newton, MA has a lot to offer interested self-publishers. It is designed to improve profitability by making printing services affordable even for ultra-short runs. As books are printed on demand, changes to the content can be made at the last minute, when needed.

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