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Printing Projects Require Different Printing Materials and Processes

- Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Country Press Printing

When it comes to printing projects, there are a lot more decisions than you might think. Deciding on the right paper, inks, and printing process to use are important in order to get the finished product you are looking for.


When choosing the perfect paper, the brightness, finish, opacity, and weight are all considered. The weight of a business paper or printer paper is determined in pounds. It is important to know this because the heavier the weight, the thicker the paper. The thickness and texture of the paper can really make a significant difference. The paper also varies based on how transparent or opaque it is. This is important particularly when you are planning to use both sides of the paper when printing as in short run book printing. While opacity is measured by how much the paper stops light from passing through, brightness is measured by how much light it will reflect. The brighter the paper, the brighter the printed product. This determines whether a paper's finish is either matte or glossy.

Different print jobs use different kinds of ink, and the particular print you want to achieve may require a different type of printer. A printer can either work with pigment-based or dye-based ink. Pigment-based ink is more expensive and has a lesser color range than dye-based ink. But when it comes to print life, pigments are better. The advantage of dyes is that they are able to produce more colors and are a more affordable alternative.


Printing processes differ based on the printing project. Digital printing can be the best alternative when printing small quantities. Digital printing takes the image or text from the electronic source to the printer to produce a faster output. The advent of digital printing has eliminated all the mechanical procedures of offset printing. Also known as offset lithography, offset printing is prominently used for printing larger loads with guaranteed high quality. It is used when printing massive orders of books, brochures or newspapers.

During finishing and binding, the printed products are folded and bound. School books and magazines normally take a single fold finish. Manuals, cookbooks, and other publications can be done either in spiral, saddle stitch, or with loose-leaf binding.

Each type of printing material and process offers different advantages, that when used correctly can be a huge advantage. For more details, visit The Country Press.

Digital Printing: The Way Your Book Should be Published

- Tuesday, May 24, 2022
The Country Press Inc. - Printing, Boston, MA

Given the constant advancement of digital printing services, it has never been more affordable to bring your newly authored works to market. Digital printing commands the market space for printing services because it helps all achieve profitability. With state of the art equipment such as our line of Kodak digital printers, we are not only putting authored works to market fast, but at a quality price point that makes digital printing the no-brainer publishing choice.

Digital printing has given the short cut process in printing that gives impact on cost effectiveness and less investment involved in setting up this single job. It is due to the fewer steps in the printing process resulting in the final printed method that is delivered quickly. The finished product is impressively made of high quality and consistency compared to other options. Through digital printing, comparing the quality of the last card in a batch resulted in the same as that of the first. In addition, it is more preferable in printing short runs since digital printing makes it the ideal method of producing short to medium print runs. This offers an affordable solution to customize the marketing materials, direct mail pieces and letters, business cards and a lot more.

With the way technology is changing the publishing industry, it is assured that digital printing brings out a high quality, economical print marketing. It opens more opportunities, more choices, features and flexibility compared to older methods making it accurate and up to date short run printing in the quickest possible time frame.

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Digital Printing: The Most Profitable Publication Method for New Authors

- Friday, May 13, 2022
Country Press Printing

The Country Press’ digital printing services provides full support for new and first-time writers in putting their works to market. Digital printing is the most affordable and profitable model within the printing industry.

It offers various choices, features and flexibility compared to the old printing processes like offset and others. Nowadays the new printed materials are accurate and more up to date. It is preferred by most clients since it produces cost effective, high quality, short run color printing in the fastest possible time. It is because the modern method of production through digital printing makes prints from electronic files. Digital printing eliminates many mechanical steps making it a short process. Even in your new book, the artwork is included in creating on the computer and then printed directly onto the material of your choice. It is best used for items that need high amounts of detail and smaller quantity orders.

With modern printing technology, it opens the door to newbie writers in publishing their work. It offers significant opportunities that change the way they publish their work or how their work is being distributed. Indeed, the digital printing through its print-on-demand process has impacted the authors in publishing and promoting their works and also how they interact with readers.

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Digital Printing: Efficiences for Your Wallet and Your Calendar

- Friday, May 06, 2022
Digital Printing

The Digital Printing method makes the final publication delivered quicker. The timeliness incurred at a low cost budget and less investment involved to set up a new book makes an instant product. It is the modern method of production that makes prints from electronic files. The good part is the new method eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional printing such as making films, color proofs and others. Digital printing offers fewer steps in the printing process.

Digital Printing is beneficial to newbie writers in publishing their work. The printed output is accurate and in good quality. And it provides more choices, features and flexibility than older methods. It is very cost effective and it runs color printing in the fastest possible time. The finish product gives an impressive quality and consistency over the other options showing the color perfectly on the prints. There are no issues with harsh lines. It is amazing since the quality of the last card, brochure or flyer in a batch is the same as that of the first. With a few steps in the printing process, the final product is delivered fast. With digital printing it is assured that less investment is involved in order to set up a single job. Furthermore, it provides the most affordable solution to customize the marketing materials.

Digital printing is the best partner in setting up a new publication for a new book. Choosing this new method for low quantity, high quality, economic print marketing will surely make it a success. The product will be delivered faster with high amounts of detail and at smaller quantity orders.

Require digital printing services? Contact Country Press Printing.

Digital Printing: Still the Simple Path to Publication Profitability

- Sunday, April 24, 2022
Country Press Printing - Digital Printing

The current trend in printing technology which has the print-on-demand method is the most efficient and convenient method of publishing. It is mostly used by first-time newbie writers in publishing their works. The old ways of self-publishing that require a big sum of money in order to pay for large print runs are obsolete. With digital printing, it offers the print-on-demand method that only prints the number of books you need and ultimately offers the maximum return.

With digital printing methods, a small budget in publishing your book will take you far. It is important to plan how you want to spend your money and order the number of books you need. Digital printing is mostly used by first-time newbie writers in publishing their works. The flexibility process of using on-demand book printing becomes the favorite choice for many professional authors. Nowadays, the print on demand concept is very popular among publishers. Typically the publisher uploads the cover template and the book layout to the printer or distributor. Upon receipt of the order, the files are processed. The book is put out for sale through their distribution channels. This method of digital printing is just following one simple principle that is print after ordering. Customers place an order and the product is printed only after that order has been placed.

The third party service provider will handle the distribution of the books to the end-user. It is very accessible since you published your book as per your budget. As a newbie writer, your new book is your most valuable creation. Having a complete grip of it and seeing your book go through the entire publishing process gives the best feeling ever.

For more tips on Digital printing, contact The Country Press.

Digital Printing Publication Services: Who Go any Other Route?

- Sunday, April 17, 2022
Country Press Printing - Digital Printing Services

Devoting time to launch a new book requires a new system that will work well for the process. With digital printing you set aside the need for costly printing plates and other overhead products and processes that inflate the cost of production. Digital printing delivers a better product at lower cost than virtually any other print publication method.

Digital printing is the modern method of production that makes print from the electronic files and focuses on smaller quantity orders with a high amount of detail in printing. It offers more opportunities, features and flexibility in printing. With the new method, the printed materials of the new book becomes accurate making it more cost effective, high quality, short run color printing in the fastest possible time frame. The final print provides an impressive quality and consistency like the colors which show up perfectly on the prints without any harsh lines. More impressively, the quality that comes out on the last card, brochure or flyer in a batch is the same as that of the first. More so, with digital printing it is the most affordable solution to customize marketing materials, new manuscripts for book publication and many others. And using the print-on-demand method greatly helps in the preparation and printing of the new book until the service provider handles the distribution process.

Deciding the process that will best suit the new book, it is necessary to choose on how to print the design. With digital printing methods it has fewer steps in the printing process resulting in the final product to be delivered or printed quickly and distributed to the end customer. It is very beneficial for the launching of new books for low quantity, high quality and economical print that comes out perfectly.

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Digital Printing: Offer A Good In Achieving Passion of New Writers

- Sunday, April 10, 2022
Country Press Printing - Book Writer

It is the newest trend in printing technology and is becoming the fast-growing sector of the industry. Digital printing is solely intended for small printing quantity or short run book printing. It works by transferring the data from a computer file to a large-format or laser printer. It offers a good investment in achieving the passion of newbie writers.

Digital printing is becoming the most popular method for print on demand digital publishing and for short run book printing. It is very feasible to start the publication of a new book because the method offers on-demand publishing that makes self-publishing in small print runs possible. It shortens the time allowable for the book to reach the market, and the set cost of publishing and most importantly there is no more inventory cost for storing printed books. It is very practical and fast as the process is accessible and convenient. Digital printing process is designed to create one copy of a book at a time compared to other methods which print books in stages and works efficiently only when producing many books at once.

With the latest trend of print-on-demand distribution models, it has created the huge demand for digital printing which reduces all the cost of putting a book into print. The method of digital printing is commonly used and becomes the most preferred method in which large publishers are moving their backlist books to digital printing which saves money on warehousing and shipping and most especially where there is no need of an inventory of books.

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Digital Printing Guarantees Clarity and Creativity Inside and Out

- Sunday, April 03, 2022
Country Press, Inc. - Digital Printing

As an aspiring independent author and publisher, you want to make sure you choose a book printing company that specializes in helping self-publishers like yourself. When it comes to getting your book printed and into the market, how your book looks and sells depends on the expertise of the company you choose and trust. Books are too often judged by their cover before their content is read. With digital printing in Boston, MA, you can produce and reproduce books that ensure clarity and creativity inside and out.

We want you to have a good understanding of the common terms and options of book printing such as Print on Demand, binding styles, cover options, paper selections, and trim sizes. This will make it more convenient for you to relay to us your specific instructions so that we can give you the printing quality you want and still not go beyond your budget.

More often than not, self-publishers are not sure about what to do after they have written their book. But with digital book printing, you can take out the guesswork and easily learn how to get your manuscript ready for printing and publishing. With this digital printing technology, formatting interior text and illustrations, setting up a book cover, and figuring out the spine dimensions can be done easily.

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Digital Printing: Give Support Right Upfront to Self-Publishers

- Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Country Press Printing - Digital Printing

Digital printing is the modern way of printing books that enable writers to make copies at large quantities in a short span of time. Authors will order copies of their books for pre-sales or book tours or an event in which the actual demand for the product will depend on the printing company who will be realistic to print the book ordered and pass on to a third party service provider for delivery and distribution. With digital printing, it gives support right upfront to self-publishing of new books.

Many newbie authors are using digital printing methods through the print on demand process because of the moderate page count, black and white text, regular paper size etc. With digital printing, the quality of an average black-and-white book printed on demand is indistinguishable from an offset print. Doing this process, the printer stores normally separate digital files for the book’s cover and interior test which these files are then imaged using toner, rather than ink. In addition there is digital printing equipment that is being used to produce an entire book color cover and all in just a span of minutes. The newbie writers in self-publishing their books use print on demand as a convenient distribution strategy that will allow them to make their work available in markets making an upfront investment or dealing with the logistics of shipping, distribution and storage.

Ultimately, the print orders are fulfilled only after a sale is made using digital printing technology. Digital printing is basically more favorable on the small quantity of books to print. It is where the print runs are very short or where there is no need for an inventory of books, saving on warehousing and shipping. This creates a self-publishing phenomenon that depends entirely on digital printing through print on demand distribution.

For more tips on Digital printing, contact Country Press Printing.

Self-Publishers – A Must Read Here Regarding What Digital Printing Services Can Do For You

- Friday, March 25, 2022
The Country Press, Inc. - Self-Publishers

Digital printing in Boston, MA is the most modern method to produce books and other reading materials, whether for professional or for personal use. This advanced technology lets you achieve a higher degree of efficiency with respect to turnaround time and labor hours. Because digital printing is a more cost-effective alternative than conventional printing methods, it is very practical for those who want to engage in self-publishing.

With digital printing, only you need to believe that your book can and should be published. No more finding a publishing company to support your work. Making a good case for the publication of your original piece is no longer a problem. Self-publishing gives you total control to see your book in print within a short period of time at significantly reduced overhead costs.

Digital book printing provides a less expensive, high quality format, so writers can put their books into publication cost-effectively and in relatively low quantities. This is an ideal approach if you want to test the water before you print more copies or if you have a smaller initial budget. In addition to cleanly printed pages, every copy is perfectly bound. This adds to the overall package of your manuscript.

Whether you want to print and publish black-and-white or full-color books, the advanced technology incorporated digital printing makes it more convenient in terms of time and money. For more details, contact The Country Press, Inc.



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